Commercial Nominees PLC

The company provides local employment service for clerical and non clerical services; mainly security guard, cleaning and other non-clerical services based on our esteemed customers needs and specifications.


Cleaning Services

CN Cleaning Services is a reliable cleaning services provider in Ethiopia you can trust for your cleaning services need. We employ modern methods, using proven equipment and materials together with well-trained personnel to deliver the utmost in cleaning services.


Event organization

CN organize various types of training, workshop, meeting etc representing the customer in which CN has an expertise in the area. We pride ourselves in flawless development, planning and operational management of large-scale exhibitions


Compensation Payments

The company effects compensation payments to the beneficiaries of its clients. Currently CN undertakes compensation payments behalf of Ethiopian Road Authority using its own outlets and CBE branches.


Realstate Administration

CN in this service sector handles and administers real estate buildings and villas owned by individuals,NGO’s, Government Organizations, Business Organizations, Cooperatives, etc…


Mony Transfer

The Company delivers Western Union Money Transfer service in its branches as a sub-agent of CommercialBank of Ethiopia (CBE).


Agent Banking

CN in this regard offers CBE birr Payment services on its branches and on behalf of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.


Fund Administration

Undertakes provident fund administration task on behalf of private corporate customers, Non-Government organizations (NGO’s), other International Organizations and the Diplomatic Communities, and Administers other funds as custodianship.


Share Dealing

The company in this regard:

  • Handles share subscription and registration tasks
  • Transfer the title deed of shares;
  • Keeps proper records of pledged share certificates and notify concerned parties to this effec
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    Salary Payment

    In this regard, our company undertakes two modes of salary payment services depending on customers’choice.

    Salary payment service in its own branches located at various points in the city of Addis, and other regional states of the country

    Buying and Selling Buildings

    Buying different types of buildings and modify and sell them to increased values. Selling buildings of third parties with commission

    Collecting Revenues

    CN collects various types of collections & Revenues on behalf of legally established organizations. We also administer the activities effectively